iPhone Live Wallpaper Survey
If you complete this survey you will receive a live wallpaper for your iPhone for free.¹ In order to receive the wallpaper file you will need to send me your iMessage contact details (mobile phone number or linked email address). The number or email address will ONLY be used to send you your free wallpaper, it will not be used for marketing or spam. If you send a phone number it will be deleted from my systems when your gift has been sent.²
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Live Wallpapers Intro Video
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Would you pay to have any of those wallpapers on your iPhone? *
If you answered yes or maybe to the previous question please specify how much you would pay for one wallpaper (include currency e.g 1 GBP, 1 USD, 0.90 EUR etc) *
If you said No simply enter 0. Feeling stuck on a value? Would comparing it to something else help, like a coffee / pastry? E.g. "I'd trade a coffee for two of these".
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Please give your opinion on the types of live wallpaper shown in the video *
Festive animations
Flag animations
Rotating globe
Please tick the box to indicate that you understand the terms of receiving your free live wallpaper *
I will attempt to send the live wallpaper to the iMessage contact details you enter below. If it fails to send I will contact you by email to verify the contact details and retry sending. Failing that no wallpaper will be sent. These live wallpapers only work on 3D Touch enabled iPhones (6S, 6S+, 7, 7S+, 8, 8S+, X)
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This should be either an email address or phone number that is registered for use with iMessage on your iPhone. If the email address you entered above is the same one you use for iMessage you can leave this blank.
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Snow Drift (short) (low res GIF)
¹ The free live wallpaper is snow drift (short). See it as a low res GIF above. Note that GIFs do not work as Live Wallpapers, you will need to obtain the high res wallpaper through submitting the survey.
² Email addresses will be held on file until you request to be unsubscribed from updates from me (danwilson.av@gmail.com)
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