JGSGB Consultant R.S. Evaluation
Please help us determine how effective these Research Sundays are by filling out this quick form for whatever type of help you provided.
--To be completed by each volunteer consultant at the conclusion of giving help during Research Sunday.
--Required responses are marked with a red asterisk (*) to the right of each question.
--Please fill out the sections that apply to what you did today.
--Feel free to add any comments.
--If you need any help with this survey, please contact us via ResearchSunday@jgsgb.org.

As always, we thank you for your volunteer service to the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Boston. You are very much appreciated!
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Virtual Research Sunday: How did ZOOM technology work for you and your clients? Check all that apply. *
Translators--Number of People I worked with:
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Translators--Number of People who sent me their materials ahead of time:
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Research/Strategy Consultants--Number of people I worked with:
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Research/Strategy Consultants--Number of people that came to the session adequately prepared:
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Research/Strategy Consultants--Check all that apply:
DNA Consultants--Number of People I worked with:
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DNA Consultants--Number who came with DNA results uploaded to Gedmatch
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DNA Consultants--Having DNA uploaded to Gedmatch was helpful
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DNA Consultants--Number of people looking for info about using/choosing DNA
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DNA Consultants--It would be helpful next time if people came prepared with:
Software Consultants--Number of People I worked with:
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Software Consultants--
All Consultants--Time spent with each “client” was: *
Break-throughs--I had a good breakthrough with (name[s] of person[s]):
Break-throughs--if you answered the above, could this be a good story for MassPocha?
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Break-throughs--Who will write up the story if there was a break-through?
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Final Comments--What worked best for you today?
Final Comments--How could we improve the day?
Final Comments--Did you have enough prep time with the info sent to you?
Final Comments--Any other comments or suggestions?
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