February 2019 Mastery Challenge Reporting
Please use this form to share the ferment you made for the February 2019 project in the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge. If you shared your project via a blog or Instagram, please do share the link in the designated spot below (this is not required for participation, only share a link if you want me to see an image of your finished project). If you didn't post your project to a public forum, you can still share your name and the kind of ferment you made.
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How many ferments did you make this month?
Name of your first February Project (kimchi kraut, whole wheat sourdough, etc).
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Name of your second February Project. Skip this field if you only made one project.
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Name of your third February Project. Skip this field if you only made one or two projects.
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Variety of ferment
How did you feel about fermentation before starting this challenge?
Never occurred to me
I have long been devoted to lactobacillus
How do you feel about fermentation now?
I struggled! I'm not sure it's for me.
I am in love with living cultures!
Link to your blog or Instagram post. If you didn't share your project online, skip this field. It is not required for participation.
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Any other thoughts about this month's project?
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