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We started Women Who Explore because we didn’t feel like we belonged in the outdoors, that we weren’t experienced, didn't have the best gear to be out there, & to be completely honest a tad intimidated! As it turns out, we weren't alone! Throughout this journey of Women Who Explore, we've built an amazing crew of badass Ambassadors. They're out there, leading trips, hosting getaways, and spreading the "Magic" of our amazing community. They are the soul of this company, and we wouldn't be where we are without them. So you think you want to be a part of best group of badass ladies around? Drop your information below & let us get get know you!
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We would love to get to know you more, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to share a short video featuring yourself & why you think you'd be an amazing fit for Women Who Explore! Please upload your video to YouTube or you can share via a transfer site such as WeTransfer. Please drop the link below or email info@womenwhoexplore.com with the link once your video has been uploaded. Reach out with any questions!
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