Amateur Division - Grilled Cheese Festival Application
Are you the King or Queen of your kitchen? Is your grilled cheese toasted to buttery perfection and gooey beyond belief? Do children weep at the site of your golden grilled cheese sandwich accompanying their tomato soup?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then WE WANT YOU! We are pleased to hold the annual amateur Grilled Cheese Competition at this year's festival. Compete against your peers in your mutual love for cheesy deliciousness, and let the people decide who's melty, cheesy creation reigns above them all.
• $50 entry fee
• Each competitor must provide a minimum of (100) pre-prepped Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Sandwiches must include:
• Bread
• Cheese *Vegan is OK!
• A secret Ingredient (something that makes your grilled cheese stand out)
• Bring your own spatula and pizza cutter (all samples are served as ¼ sandwiches)
• Recruit your friends to help cook and serve your sandwiches
• Come up with a killer name for your Grilled Cheese
• Decorate your space! Make your table the center of the party for your friends and family throughout the day.

**All participants must arrive by 10:30am to set up their booth area. All stations must be ready to serve grilled cheese from 12:00pm - 4:00pm (or as long as your 100+ sandwiches last)!
• Covered tent for all competitors
• Designated 8' table
• Serving plates and napkins for samples
• Ballot Box for People’s Choice voting - Amateur Division
• Souvenir event t-shirt

Winners will receive a trophy, plus recognition on social media from the Atlanta Grilled Cheese Festival, along with other sponsor prizes!
How will you be preparing your sandwiches? *
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Tell us about you and your chef skills *
In your opinion, who makes the best grilled cheese?
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What happens next?
We will review and confirm your participation. Then you will receive an electronic invoice that you will pay via credit card within 48 hours of receipt. This will confirm your spot and we will want to post a photo of you on our website and inclusion in social media to get every hyped up for the event!
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