Wanna join us for some dinner and our movie?
SCRAPS is an 85-minute dark comedy about how one near-death experience at a dinner party drastically alters the lives of everyone in attendance. Now that the movie is finally ready for consumption, we thought it would be fun and fitting to hold a series of private dinner party screenings (where hopefully no one almost dies) before the film's wide release.

When, where, and how often we do these will depend on the demand we see from you all, but the idea is for our writer/director and/or at least one key cast/crew member to attend each party and enjoy a super casual meal with the attendees before presenting the movie to them.

We'll be asking every guest for $12 to help cover the cost of the meal, but we think that's a great price for dinner, a movie, and the ability to brag about seeing SCRAPS before almost everybody else (which we hope you will).

So, whether you're an aspiring HOST, GUEST, and/or COOK, please fill out this form. Even if you aren't going to get involved, please let other people know about this, as the only resource we have is word of mouth. To see our trailer and learn more about our cast and crew, please visit www.scrapsmovie.com.

Send any questions, suggestions, concerns, etc. to scrapsmovieofficial@gmail.com.
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Thank you all for your support, and we hope to see you soon!
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