2019 Warriors in Training Bootcamp (WiT) Sign-up
Warriors in Training consist of Skills 101, Skills 201, and Skill 301.

Skills 101 is for beginner skaters. Skills to cover, but not limited to, include: Skating Posture, Stops, Crossovers,Balance, and Edging.

Skills 201 is for skater who have passed Skills 101. Skills include, but are not limited to: Backwards skating, Transitions, Weaving Jumping, and Positional Blocking.

Skills 301 is for skaters who have passed Skills 101 and Skills 201. Skills include, but are not limited to: Toe stops, Hockey Stops, Bracketing, Offense, Blocking, and Jamming.

Session starts June 2nd.

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* As a reminder, WiT skaters must be at least 18 years old.
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Please only select the class(es) you're taking in the month you are signing up for. Skills 101 and Skills 201 must be taken consecutively prior to Fitness Skating or Warriors in Training, unless you have prior approval from Megarita or Skyscraper. Please email wRECk@kcrollerwarriors.com or WiT@kcrollerwarriors.com with questions.

There are no May classes due to lack of facility availability.

$45 a month for 4 months = $180
$150 for session if paid in full prior to June 2nd
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Your final step is to pay your registration fee via PayPal (Friends & Family option) to Finance@KCRollerWarriors.com.
In PayPal comments enter the following: 2019 WiT<Class> <Month> Session, Payment for <Skater Legal Name>.
Please bring proof of payment (on your phone is fine) to your first class. If you have any questions prior to class, please email her at WiT@KCRollerWarriors.com.
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