Join the Silicon Valley Courageous Resistance
We are an all-volunteer group helping each other take action in these difficult times.

Our mission is to take action to further social, economic, and environmental justice:
- Resist the dangerous Trump/GOP agenda and corporate takeover of our country.
- Insist on progressive change locally, nationally and globally.
- Persist in promoting public awareness and government and corporate accountability.

To do this, we:
- Hold public and private institutions accountable
- Follow and other best practices.
- Inform and influence public opinion through online and offline action.
- Encourage individual and group action to meet our goals based on SVCR guiding principles.

To get involved, fill out this form and look for a welcome message in your inbox.

We look forward to getting to know you, and we're grateful for your help!

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Code of Conduct
As we are all volunteers with much to offer, we ask everyone to be kind and positive to encourage individual ideas and initiatives. When we like an idea, we speak up in support. When we don't like an idea, and don't have constructive criticism, then we prefer to be silent.

We are inclusive of different styles of working, different skills, backgrounds, and age groups. We're all in this together!

We know that everyone has struggle in their life, and we are respectful of every contribution, large or small.

We do not condone violence or hate speech.

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