English 4 Course Evaluation
Mrs. Skotnicki
My reading has improved this year. *
How many books did you read this year? (Not including required texts.)
How many books do you plan to read this summer? *
Before we started the Senior Thesis, on average, how much time did you spend reading outside of class time? *
Will you continue to read independently, even though it's no longer required? *
What was the best book you read this year? Include title & author. *
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Name one book you think every student should leave high school having read. Include title & author. *
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I always completed the assigned reading for The Great Gatsby. *
I would be more likely to complete the assigned reading if I knew there would be multiple choice TEST at the end of the unit. *
I would have liked to write about one of my independently chosen books. *
I used the E4 blog for information or assignments. *
Which step(s) of the thesis process were helpful to you for development of ideas for your paper? (Check all that apply.) *
Which tools were helpful for the writing process of your paper? *
Which of Mrs. Skotnicki's exemplars did you refer to during the thesis process? *
My writing has improved this year. *
How can I improve English 4? What do you recommend I do differently when teaching this course next year? *
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What is one thing that I should definitely keep for next year because it works well? *
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What do you believe is most important thing you have learned from this course? *
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Please finish this sentence. In Mrs. Skotnicki's class I ... *
(There are no wrong answers.)
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Any parting thoughts? *
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