[Application] Core Affiliates Program
If you love streaming games or creating videos, get rewarded for making content about Core games or Core game development. Some of our favorite content creators bring in their audience for "Let's Play" streams with their community, and others have created game development tutorial videos on Core to empower people to make their own awesome games.


// Requirements //
- Must submit sample piece(s) of content showcasing Core gameplay or game dev.
- Must be a dedicated content creator with a proven history of commitment.
- Must be a brand-aligned content creator with no inappropriate/offensive content or history.
- Must create content in English, German, Swedish, French, Spanish, or Russian. We will expand to other languages in the near future, so we encourage you to apply now so we can contact you when we add other languages to the program. Aside from what language the content is in, must be able to communicate in English.

>> Twitch Streamers
Streamers on Twitch play Core games with their community. Jump from game to game with your viewers in both co-op and competitive games. Applicants should have a **minimum of 300 followers** on YouTube and a **minimum 25 average viewers** over your past month's Twitch streams. We use [SullyGnome](https://sullygnome.com/) to check Twitch stats.

>> YouTubers
Core content creators on YouTube historically have made video tutorials and gameplay montages. Applicants should have a **minimum of 200 subscribers** on YouTube and **> 3000 total video views in the last 30 days** from their past videos. You can check your legacy stats on [Socialblade](https://socialblade.com/) to see if your YouTube channel meets the requirements.

>> TikTokers
Gaming and game dev TikTokers are encouraged to apply for the Core Affiliate Program. With your Core's fast prototyping and iteration speeds, one can easily create proof of concepts to explain game development concepts or share their game's devlogs! There are tons of worlds to explore in the metaverse, and so many adventures and funny moments to capture. Applicants should have a minimum of 500 followers and at least 15,000 views in the past month.



1. Program Overview
Both Twitch streamers and YouTubers can become official Core Affiliates for simply doing what they already love: playing games in the Core Multiverse or creating worlds themselves. All of our Core Affiliates get rewards for their Core content creation, including a monthly cash reward, free characters and cosmetics, and early access to patch notes. Outstanding content creators may also be promoted by official Core social media channels and be sponsored for events and prizes exclusively for their community. These sponsored events include Player Tournaments and Game Jams with prizes provided by Core to help your grow your channel and audience!

2. Core Affiliates - Obligations
We're looking for dedicated, passionate creators who enjoy producing content. Core Affiliate streamers are expected to stream Core at least 3 times a week for at least least an hour duration each. Video content creators are expected to create at least 2 Core videos per month of at least 5 minutes in length. For TikTokers, one must create at least 6 TikToks featuring Core games/game creation in a month.

3. Perks / Benefits
All Core Affiliates get tons of perks, including a monthly cash reward, and **$3 per first play session of new account referrals** (up to $2,000 per month) driven by content they create. Awesome content creators may also be selected for sponsored events like gaming tournaments or games jams (with prizes provided by Manticore for your community!) and additional sponsorship opportunities. As you grow your channel, your perks also increase! Depending on your audience size on your Core content, you receive more perks, including a bigger monthly cash reward, every tier you reach. Check the tiers on the main website here <https://affiliate.coregames.com/>.

Read the full Core Affiliate Terms here:

Questions? Email affiliate@manticoregames.com, and we'll be happy to answer!

All applications for the "Core Affiliates Program" will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and we will get back to applicants after we've made a decision.
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