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你好,China Deviants 是一个去中心化的非营利性的组织, 我们致力于让国人觉醒,与独裁者割席,让国人自己和国际社会认识到:一个非民选政府,无法代表中国人的声音;接受和践行民主与自由,反对独裁。 我们希望团结更多的手足,一起为民主中国的实现努力。基于一些安全因素,我们需要您填写如下问题(不用透露任何涉及到身份的信息). 之后会联络您入群,感谢。

Hello, China Deviants is a decentralised non-profit organisation. We are committed to awakening the Chinese people against the dictator, letting the Chinese people and the international community realise that: a non-elected government cannot represent the voice of the Chinese people. We need democracy and freedom, and we reject dictatorship. We hope to unite more siblings and work together for the realisation of democratic China. Based on some security factors, we need you to fill in the following questions (without revealing any identity-related information). We will contact you to join the group later, thank you.

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请简单介绍自己 (不用涉及任何个人信息)

Please briefly introduce yourself (without involving any personal information)


为什么想加入China Deviants?

Why do you want to join China Deviants?



What did Bridgeman say?



What do you support, how do you think we should change China?




Do you have any relevant skills that you would like to use? (such as writing, PS, website production, etc.)

您对于China Deviants 有任何方面的建议吗?

Do you have any suggestions for China Deviants?

请在下载Session后创建账户,并留下您的Session ID。谢谢!(注意为数十位长度的数字字母组合)

Please download Session and create an account, and leave your Session ID here. Thank you! (Notice session id is a combination of numbers and letters)


(Session message notifcation and refresh got some trouble, please check frequencly)


(You can leave an safe email address in addition to Session ID, in case Session have delays.)


(If you didn't receive any message in 3 weeks, we may not contact you due to some reason, we are sinceraly sorry about that, hope we see each other in protest later.)

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