Job Application for Swim & Water Polo Camp, 2018, with Summer Dreamers and Bloomfield-Garfield Corp.
If you want to work with Coach Mark Rauterkus, 412-298-3432,, and the summer of 2018 Swim & Water Polo Camps as part of PPS Summer Dreamers, please fill out this form as soon as possible.
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Full name *
First and last name. This will be the name used on the pay checks too.
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Cell phone:
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Home phone:
Back up phone number(s).
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Your Age:
We have some students and some adults. Adults, you can put over 30 or old enough into the form.
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Tell us about your athletic background. Do you coach? Can you run? Can you swim? Are you a Physical Ed teacher? Are you a triathlete? Are you with Lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid? Simple notes are fine.
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Email Address *
Perhaps the most important question of all. You will also be added to an email blast group for the 2015 staff.
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Clearances? *
Check all that apply. Clearances have proven to be a royal headache in the past. This must be done with complete fidelity. Do not delay in getting all three clearances or you will be terminated.
Parent and Guardian Contact for student workers
With high school and middle school students working, either as a volunteer or paid, we want to communicate with your parents about schedules and such, as needed. Enter names, relationships, phone numbers and email addresses.
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Emergency Contact, name and phone. *
Just in case there is a run-away bus and we need to call someone on your behalf.
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Any allergies or other physical conditions we need to know about.
We don't like to be surprised.
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Activity participation is expected
Yes, I understand that this job means that I'll be running, exercising and swimming every day.
Staff shirt sizes, if we should get them:
What size t-shirt do you wear?
Work is as a "sub contractor" and not an employee: *
We get paid by Bloomfield-Garfield Corp. But we are not employees. We are contractors. Each of us has to pay our own taxes.
Being available throughout the summer -- or not.
We have a five week camp, both mornings and afternoons. Plus, we want to get the kids swimming before camp begins, on the weekends, in the evenings and even after the camp concludes. What works for you?
Six weeks of Summer Dreamers, mostly afternoons
Put a check box when you can be scheduled. Leave the section blank if you are on vacation or have a conflict.
How interested are you in doing some volunteer time on the weekends. We might do some family swims, Saturday or Sunday games, and trips to North Park.
No way. Too busy.
Sure. Count me in. Sounds like fun.
How interested are you in doing some evening activities. We might host a movie night, play a game at Shaler's pool, travel to another pool or have a picnic jog.
No way. Too busy.
Sure, count me in. Sounds like fun.
Would you rather help with water polo or just swimming?
I'd be more happy if I was coaching this activity. But for either, choose middle, #3.
Swimming is for me.
Water polo, games, balls are more fun for me.
Pre Season
Before camp starts, we want to get some time with the kids in the pools. Do you want to volunteer and can you?
I'd love to help in the pre-season as a volunteer to get to know the kids in organized activities.
I'm busy and can only come when I'm paid.
Post season
After the camp, we may do a week or three of water polo and even try to get into a September tournament. Can you help too?
Your School, year, field of study
What school have you attended? Where are you going next year? What year? What is your major.
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Other comments for Coach Mark?
What else do you want to communicate? (Optional)
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Work site issues for specific camp locations:
In most years, our proposal calls for campers at various sites. Specific locations for 2018 seem to be U-Prep, and that is all. But, this question stays here for future seasons. What places are you most interested in working?
Date of Birth
Need the date of birth for pay reasons
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Home Address
In case you get hired, what permanent address gets the mailed tax form from past year?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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