Core of Coaching
By filling this application form I accept and agree to fully participate in all phases of the training that includes:
-as a preparation for the training to establish your own personal learning plan (PLP)
-to fully participate in activities during the training course
-to take a part in evaluation after the training
-to take a participation in dissemination activities and follow up meetings with my sending organization after the training

Carefully consider your learning needs as this is one of the most important points for participant selection!
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Are you a youth worker, trainer, coach, NGO staff member, PEER educator, mentor, facilitator or volunteer of NGO, etc.? Describe it here.
Describe your target group in a work with young people. *
Does your work involves dealing with young people who are struggling with the unemployment, facing poverty/low income, educational difficulties, social exclusion? Describe it.
How long is your working experience in the work with young people? *
Describe your motivation to participate in this training in 200 words. *
Describe your learning needs for this training regarding your work with young people. *
Be specific as this is one of the most important points for participant selection!
How would you implement your potential learning outcomes (based on your described learning needs) in your work with young people after the training? *
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For the people who have participated in a similar training before, we like to give few limited spots for them to join this training an assisting team members.
In case you choose to participate as a team member. What is your experience?
Here describe which coaching training you participated, when, where and who was the main trainer.
Where did you hear this training from? *
I have read the info letter and I'm informed about terms and conditions written there, as well as my involvement in all phases of the training. *
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