ABC City Council Candidate Questionnaire
A Better Cambridge is working to build a more diverse and dynamic community on the path toward sustainable growth. Since our founding in 2012, ABC has been instrumental in opposing the downzoning of Central Square, advocating for expansion of a mixed-use neighborhood in Kendall Square, and supporting the creation of affordable local retail at 300 Mass Ave.

We believe that the next City Council will have a major impact in determining the future course of urban growth in Cambridge. As we look to this November’s municipal election, residents want to understand how all City Council candidates approach the development challenges and opportunities facing our city. We are interested in hearing your plans and priorities if elected, and have prepared the following questionnaire based on the ABC 5-point mission (

We hope that you will take the time to complete our survey by October 1st. Please limit each response to no more than 150 words.

Note that while ABC will not endorse candidates in this election, we intend to use questionnaire responses to assess each candidates’ agreement, disagreement, or neutrality with regards to the ABC priorities. We will be posting the responses on our website and sharing them through social media as well as identifying non-responders.

If you have any questions or problems with this form, please contact

Thank you for stepping forward as a candidate for City Council to help build a better Cambridge.
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1. DIVERSITY: ABC is committed to strengthening the social, cultural, and economic diversity of our neighborhoods. *
If elected, what policies will you support or purpose to help strengthen the diversity of our community through increased affordable housing and greater economic opportunity for all Cambridge residents?
2. SUSTAINABILITY: ABC wants to build a strong and sustainable community where current and future residents will be able to work, shop, and play near their homes. *
If elected, what policies or initiatives will you support to ensure that there is adequate housing near public transportation that supports sufficient  retail to meet neighborhood needs, meets the needs of current and future residents, reduces auto usage and encourages energy efficiency?
3. GROWTH: ABC is working to preserve and expand the diversity of our community by supporting sustainable growth and appropriate density. *
Do you agree that in order to support diversity and meet the housing needs of sustainable growth in Cambridge increased density may be necessary? If elected, what specific policies or initiatives will you support to achieve sustainable urban growth and to increase low and moderate income housing for all populations, including families?
4. LIVABILITY: We want to reinforce the distinctive character of our neighborhoods, ensuring that new development builds upon and enhances their defining traits. *
What traits of Cambridge neighborhoods do you find most distinctive? If elected, what policies or initiatives will you support to help reinforce these characteristics through new development, public and open spaces and other means?
5. DIALOGUE: We want to support open and constructive engagement between all parties to the planning process, based on mutual respect for differing views. *
In your opinion, do public planning processes in Cambridge support open and constructive engagement between stakeholders? If elected, how will you help ensure transparent and mutually respectful planning for the future of Cambridge?
6. Earlier this year the Central Square and Kendall Square Advisory Committees (K2C2) proposed recommendations to guide the future development of these key residential and commercial districts in Cambridge. *
Which three K2C2 recommendations do you believe should be top priorities for the City of Cambridge over the next few years? What specific policies or initiatives recommended will you support to ensure these priorities are achieved during the next City Council term?  Are there policies and recommendations that you oppose?
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