★HOT-STAR Large Fried Chicken★
Thanks for your interest in 豪大大雞排 HOT-STAR Large Fried Chicken global licensing business. We are currently seeking qualified company to partner with our international expansion. Once we have established a partnership, we will accept applications for individual franchises in these countries. Please fill out the application form below. These information will help us to understand your business and make the initial evaluation effectively.

感謝您對豪大雞排HOT-STAR大炸雞代理業務的關注。 我們正在尋求良好的公司加入。
請填寫以下申請表, 這些資訊將有助於我們了解您,並進行有效的初步評估。

※ Please be noted that individual franchises are not applicable currently. 尚未授權代理區域(國家),不接受單店加盟。
Recruit Voluntary Chain 以下現正招募單店加盟
Apply for our Global License 申請海外授權代理
※ Please fill in all the required fields. 請逐一填寫所有。
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