EULA ー End User License Agreement NetiLook Dataset
This user agreement applies to the NetiLook datasets. This dataset has been created to support netizen-style commenting. The dataset has been released by its creator, Wen Hua Lin, for sole scientific and non-commercial use.

The data in NetiLook was collected for community research and the copyright belongs to the original owners. The database is stored and maintained by the Communications and Multimedia Lab (CMLAB) - MiRA team (National Taiwan University). By filling in this document, the user agrees to the following terms. In this document, the term 'database' denotes both the images as well as the information and all related materials with the datasets.

1. Intended use
The datasets can only be used for the academic research purpose only.

2. Commercial use
The user may not use the database for any commercial purposes. Commercial purposes included, but are not limited to:
- proving the efficiency of commercial systems
- testing commercial systems
- using screenshots of subjects from the database in advertisements
- selling data from the database

3. Distribution
The user may not distribute the database in any way after this EULA has been filled in and returned to the database administrators. Small portions (screenshots) may be distributed in publications as long as the publication complies with the terms stated in this EULA (article 4).

4. Access
The user may only use the database after this EULA form has been filled in and returned to the database administrator. The user may not grant anyone access to the database by giving out the password of this database we given.

5. Publications
Publications include not only papers, but also presentations for conferences or educational purposes. All documents and papers that report on research that uses the database should acknowledge this by citing the following paper:

Wen Hua Lin, Kuan-Ting Chen, Hung Yueh Chiang and Winston Hsu. Netizen-Style Commenting on Fashion Photos: Dataset and Diversity Measures. In The Web Conference (WWW), 2018.

6. Changes
The database administrators reserve the right to change this EULA at any time; users will be informed about changes beforehand and given the choice to opt out of the new EULA. Opting out will render the previous EULA void (and thus the user will lose their right to use the database).

7. Warranty
The database comes without any warranty, the database administrators cannot be held accountable for any damage (physical, financial or otherwise) caused by the use of the database.

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