I’d like to be a Provider who sells products, and have the option to also share content in the Culturevist subscription
Thanks very much for your interest in helping create companies people love. Here’s a short form for you to fill out about you and your experience. Please be accurate filling this out, as it’s important for us to provide the highest possible quality of service to our Clients.
What is a Culturevist Provider?
A Provider is a third-party supplier of training and coaching services, advice or content who list its
services on the Culturevist platform. To become a Provider, you will need to be approved by Culturevist.

You’re applying to become a Provider who can sell products, and you will also have the option to contribute content to the Culturevist subscription (which you will not receive payment for).

You will not be an employee of Culturevist. Clients will be transacting with you rather than with Culturevist.

What is a Culturevist Specialist?
The Provider provides its Provider Services through its employees, contractors or other authorised providers, known as “Specialists”. A Culturevist Specialist is someone with experience that could help others.
How can I share my experience?
You can offer to share your experience through: mentoring or advice, coaching, and training.

Mentoring or providing advice: you may not offer financial, legal or medical advice.
Coaching: you must have relevant coaching experience.
Training: that training must be based on your experience.

Everything you share must be your own original work, or you must have written permission and rights to provide it. It can be branded in your own name, and/or your business name.
What format can I share my experience in?
You can share your experience through the following Products in your Culturevist Store:

Live video calls: Set your availability and let people book live video calls with you, to ask you questions and learn from your experience.
Live online classes and workshops: Teach or facilitate a class or workshop on a topic you are experienced in. These can be one-on-one or group workshops. You set the time that you will run this, and how many people can sign up.
Pre-created online content:
- Pre-recorded video content (mp4, mpeg) such as online courses, workshops or classes.
- Other content (.doc, pdf, ppt, .xls) such as articles in which you share toolkits, templates or guides.

You also have the option to contribute additional pre-created online content to the Culturevist subscription, which you will not receive payment for.
Do I need any qualifications?
While they may be helpful, they are not required. Our priority is the experience of our Specialists, rather than specific qualifications.
What are the financials?
For the Products that you sell:
– Provider sets the price (including VAT)
– VAT is deducted if applicable (net amount)
– Culturevist commission fee is 10%+VAT of this net amount. This is retained by Culturevist.
– Remaining charges are passed to the Provider via Paypal.

To be on the platform, and part of the community, Providers pay a monthly fee per Specialist:
$10 + VAT per month if you choose to sell live video calls and pre-created content.
$20 + VAT per month if your choose to sell live video calls, pre-created content and live online classes and workshops.

The fee is enables the Culturevist platform to develop and improve.
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How would you describe your working style? *
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Would you like other Specialists to be added to your Store? If so, what are their names?
Each Specialist will need to go through the Specialist application process
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What happens next...
Once you click Send, this application information will be reviewed by Culturevist. If we feel the network is suitable for you to join at this stage, we will invite you to a video interview to discuss your suitability to be a Specialist, including your experience and the sort of content you might like to share.

If you are successful, any content that you would like to submit will need to be reviewed and approved by Culturevist prior to publishing.

Thank you again for your interest!

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