BSF: boat registration form
Ā® register here for going to the boat party. the boat party is 2 hrs, going from Tsarevo port

$ price : 20BGN / 10EUR || start : 18:00 Saturday || end : 20:00 || tickets at the boat

šŸŽ¶ lineup: Cabbie, Ogonek & warmup artist tba

more details in DISCLAIMER at the end of the registration form.

Route - Port Tsarevo to Varvara
starting point is top right
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a.k.a. pls provide two names
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please make sure your phone works, and we will call everyone 2 hrs before departure
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Are you a crew/artist
of course, you'll have to be a well known person to just say YES
All is subject to weather conditions. You have to be available on the said date and time. All boat crew and visitors take unconditional orders from the captain. Everyone is advised to keep an eye on the equipment in rough waters.
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