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Class of 2021, you deserve a celebration! Let's make it happen.
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Please note: during grad season, we often deliver late into the night. We will call you for entry to a gated community if no code is given. To avoid a middle-of-the-night phone call, gate codes are strongly preferred.
Brief description of house/location *
This helps us identify the correct house or business, especially in the dark. Please describe the location or provide directions if GPS is unreliable.
What is the date of your event? *
Please note: orders placed within 48 hours of delivery are subject to a rush fee
Notes about placement
We will set up your greeting in the yard's most visible and installation-friendly spot. Please let us know of any specific location requests. (Example: set up on an angle on our corner lot.) If the specified area is too hard for installation, we will choose a softer location if available - often a plant bed.
All graduation packages include a variety of graduation graphics, stars/balloons, and specialty graphics when available. Photos are examples only - graphics/colors will vary based on customer request and availability. Special interest graphics (ex: sports/dance/makeup/dogs) are available in limited quantities and are reserved in the order payment is received. Names will be spelled out in a variety of colors that coordinate with the display and/or school colors. Our displays can be modified to fit all graduates: PreK, Kindergarten, 7th/8th grade, 12th grade or college. *
Color preferences *
Please list school colors/preferred colors so we can coordinate stars/balloons accordingly. Colors are based on availability. Don't feel limited to school colors - if your grad loves pink and glitter, we can make it happen! (Ex: grad party theme is pink and silver / graduate's favorite colors are turquoise and yellow)
Graduate's name (1 name only) *
Included with corresponding package selections
$25 - Add a second name
Please write the name below if you would like to add an additional name to your greeting. In the "Interests" section, please specify which interests go with which graduate.
Graduate's interests *
Please list the graduate's hobbies/sports/favorite things (coffee? we got you!) and we will include 1-2 available coordinating graphics. Special interest graphics are limited in quantity and reserved in the order payment is received. (These are not guaranteed.) It is helpful if we know the graduate's school, as well.
Delivery time *
Delivery for 2021 graduation begins around 6 pm the day before your event, with removal after dark the day of your event. Please let us know if your greeting can be delivered prior to 6pm.
Would you like to extend the length of your rental?
We will begin picking up graduation greetings shortly after dark the day of your event. If you're honoring your graduate with an evening celebration and would like your greeting to remain late into the night, we recommend this option to avoid pickup during your party.
Is this a gift for someone outside of your home? Enter a brief gift message so they will know who sent the yard greeting!
The part where we beg you to water your yard *
It is essential you prepare your yard by watering thoroughly so it is soft enough for proper installation. Our stakes will not go into the ground if it is hard and dry. Please water daily in the week leading up to delivery. We will not issue a refund for a failed installation due to hard/dry ground. Please read our full watering policy here: https://tinyurl.com/SGwaterpolicy
Please follow the link to read our other POLICIES AND PROCEDURES before submitting your order http://www.signgypsieswestbankparish.com/policies.html *
Once your reservation request is reviewed and approved, you will receive an invoice via Square with a link for easy online payment. Bookings are secured once full payment is received. Feel free to leave any additional questions/comments below, or contact me via email at signgypsieswestbankparish@gmail.com. Written communication is always preferred to keep details straight. I look forward to helping you celebrate!
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