PLE Spoken English Teacher Application

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After you have completed this application, select an interview time on by filling in your name in an available slot. Interviews last approximately 10 minutes and are conducted in the Arcadia High School library study rooms. YOU MUST PICK A TIME ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR APPLICATION, AND PICK A TIME THAT IS AT LEAST 48 HOURS IN THE FUTURE. Please attend after you schedule a time because this reflects on your commitment and responsibility!

Please send any questions or concerns to
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If you were recruited into PLE Spoken English by a current member, please specify their name below and they will receive a volunteer hour for their efforts. Just ONE member name please. If not, write N/A. *
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I agree to now be subject to a short interview in order to join PLE. I have read and understood that PLE has certain requirements as listed on the teacher recruitment flyer. I fully understand that there is the possibility I am not accepted. (Please sign up for an interview date/time by using the link provided in the survey description) *
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