Valerie Tan & Vivien Lee, organisers of THE C.E TALK 2019
Dawn Fung, Founder of Homeschool Singapore on WHY CE MATTERS
Tsui Ling Hoy, Homeschool Consultant on CHANGING EXPECTATIONS
Apple Wong, Homeschool Consultant on SPECIAL NEEDS EXEMPTION

There will be small group breakouts, and interactive work.

Date : 30 July 2019, Tuesday
Time : 3 pm - 6 pm (Registration starts at 2.30pm, event starts promptly at 3pm)
Venue : Qiren Jurong, 2 Venture Dr, #21-01 VISION EXCHANGE, Singapore 608526
Tickets : $30/pax, $50/couple

This talk is only for those applying for CE in 2019.

If you are inquiring for matters other than application for CE this year, pls fill in the form below and we will see what we can do. We may refer you to other talks or homeschooling consultation with the team.

This is a PARENTS ONLY event. Kindly arrange for child-minding prior to this event as there will not be any baby sitting available on site. Nursing babies are welcomed.

About The C.E. Talk

When you apply to homeschool in Singapore as a Singaporean, you have to get the Compulsory Education exemption form. “C.E” is the abbreviation for Compulsory Education. When homeschoolers say, “It’s time to apply for CE”, it’s short form for saying, “It’s that time of the year to get the application form from MOE to get exempted from CE.”

In The C.E Talk, we walk you through how to apply for CE exemption, and how this can be a meaningful way to document your own homeschooling journey. Each year’s C.E. Talk will feature a panel of homeschoolers whose stories will help assure those seeking an alternative education pathway for their children.

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