Training Tuesdays 1 Workshop
Hi guys! This is the registration form for the Training Tuesdays 1 workshop organised by SCOPET, SCORP and SCORA.

This workshop will be hosted online on Zoom.
The workshop will be held on Tuesday 24th November from 5:15pm to 7:30pm!
Stay tuned for more updates on the agenda and the IFMSA trainers who will be facilitating the sessions on the event!

Deadline to apply: Sunday 22nd November at 23:59 CET
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Part 1: Registration Form
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MD year *
Do you consent for the workshop to be recorded and the recording possibly uploaded to social media? *
Part 2: Pre-Evaluation Form
This is the pre-evaluation form for this workshop!

Important notes to read:
* Answers are analysed as a whole to see the impact of the workshop on all participants in total - NOT individually, meaning we will not look at individual answers;
* Impact is evaluated through overall comparison between pre-evaluation and post-evaluation forms, therefore, please answer the questions as honestly as possible for better impact assessment;
* This is a questionnaire, not an exam. It is alright not to know, as you’re supposed to also learn during the workshop. Once again, we are not looking at individual outcomes;
* A similar form will be sent for the post-evaluation after the workshop

Please take note that in order to receive a certificate, you will need to fill out both pre- and post-evaluation forms.
Name and surname *
The name you write here will be on your certificate, so write it correctly please. Also, please use the same order of name and surname in both the pre- and post- evaluation forms to help us with analysing the results and issue certificates accordingly.
Email address *
In order to send you a certificate we need a valid email address that you regularly use. Please also write the same email address in the post-evaluation form that will be sent after the workshop.
What tips/strategies do you know for approaching sensitive topics in a peer ed setting? *
How comfortable do you feel tackling topics such as human rights and mental health in peer ed sessions? *
Not comfortable at all
Very comfortable
How comfortable do you feel tackling sexual health in peer ed sessions? *
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