My Nairobi's Pitch It - Idea Submission (2016)
My Nairobi gives you the platform to share your idea, network with other young people and take home money raised at an upcoming event. If this sounds exciting to you, fill out the questions below and submit them before Monday 6th June 2016 (DEADLINE EXTENDED FROM INITIAL DATE)

We will then let you know whether you've been successful by Friday 10th June 2016 at the very latest.

All the best! Be creative! We can’t wait to read your idea.
Briefly explain your idea. (100 words) *
What problem are you trying to solve? (250 words) *
What is the motivation behind your idea? (250 words) *
What makes your idea different/unique? (250 words) *
Who does your idea serve? (250 words) *
How will you share and/or promote your idea? (250 words) *
What is your 3-5 year plan on expanding this idea? (250 words) *
What are the resources that you need to actualize this idea? This includes people, finances and any thing else you can think of. (500 words) *
What challenges to do you anticipate on facing and how are you planning to tackle them? (250 words) *
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