Becoming Immune Confident Application (BIC)

Becoming Immune Confident (BIC)

What makes BIC different and one of a kind autoimmune specific nutrition & lifestyle program? 

It is specifically designed by a board-certified immunologist turned autoimmune patient & autoimmune dietitian to help women with misbehaving immune systems forget the fatigue and fog for good. 

This program is for you if…

-You are a current or former busy professional woman struggling with a misbehaving immune system (a.k.a significant allergies, autoimmunity, and/or immune deficiency) 

-You have tried just about everything to lower inflammation, improve gut health and balance your immune system and nothing has worked long-term 

-You’re looking for personalized solutions that actually work for your lifestyle (busy and with limited energy!!) 

-You may not have all the answers yet, but you are determined to figure this out, once and for all. 

Imagine having confidence and clarity around your immune system health…

By the end of this program you’ll have: 

  • A naturally healthy relationship with food minus the anxiety or restrictive elimination diets

  • The amazing feeling of comfort & confidence in your own skin & all aspects of anti-inflammatory nutrition

  • Clarity in thinking, improvement in memory, recall, and attention

  • More mental space and energy to enjoy your life – think about what you’ll achieve when the constant brain chatter around your immune system, food, and the uncertain future is gone!

  • The confidence to fully participate in family events and milestones.

  • The tools you need to live confidently in spite of your misbehaving immune system 

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