Portsmouth River Days Visiting Queens Luncheon
Use this online form to register Visiting Queens to the luncheon and to the Grand Parade. The luncheon will begin at 1:00pm at the Southern Ohio Medical Center Friends Center immediately following the parade on Saturday, September 4th, 2021 . Please do not arrive earlier than 12:30pm. There is an event prior to our event and the location cannot accommodate prior to 12:30pm. The parade steps off promptly at 11:00am. Please be in the lineup no later than 10:00am. You will be placed in parade order based on your arrival.

*Online registrations are due by August 20th
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Indicate the name of the Festival you represent or pageant system you represent with your title.
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If your answer is yes, the queen attending the luncheon is complimentary. All others are $15.00 each. All queens attending who are not Ohio Festival and Events affiliated, must pay the $15 registration fee.
Please include names of chaperones attending ($15 each) *
Do you plan to participate in the parade? *
If you plan to participate in the parade, please indicate below. Visiting Queens line up is at the corner of 8th and Harmon Street in Portsmouth. If you are using a GPS, enter the business Mechanical Construction to find the closest address. 2302 8th Street.
If you plan to participate in the parade, please enter the description that you would like to have read at the judges stand. *
If you are not participating in the parade, please indicate N/A in the box below.
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Please indicate the number of paid registrations for this order. Anyone attending the luncheon must pay, with the exception of the Queen of any OFEA affiliated festival.
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