Soul Matters 2020-2021 registration
Welcome! Soul Matters groups are currently forming for the 2020-2021 church year. Existing and new groups will begin meeting in September or October.

While the church building is closed due to the pandemic - at least through March 2021 - all Soul Matters groups will meet online, via Zoom. This is the safest option for our community, and the most inclusive one for people regardless of health status or profession.

A special note if you registered last year and were not able to participate: we know that some people in our community signed up for Soul Matters last year and were not able to join a group. We are making a new effort to train facilitators and form new groups. We know how important this ministry is. You will hear from us by September 22 with an update on your placement.

Together, this September and beyond, we will encounter "Renewal" - including renewal of our Soul Matters program, now online.  
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