2020/2021 CGUHS SpiritLine Tryout Application
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Medical Conditions (including the use of inhalers) or Allergies which need to be made aware of (please list the use of limb brace/support that is required for tumbling and/or stunting): *
List any other ON campus clubs, activities and/or CAVIT you plan to be involved in that may require your time after school/weekends. *
List any other OFF campus activities, classes, clubs and/or job you plan on participating in that may require your time after school/weekends. *
I understand that the Cougar Spiritline is a competitive program and seeks individuals that are not only interested in sideline spirit but the competitive aspect as well. By trying out for the CGUHS Spiritline you have chosen a commitment to be a part of a full time competitive team. *
If I am selected for the JV team I am interested in a PERFORMING position in competitions. *
I understand that if I am selected as a Varsity team member, I am not guaranteed a PERFORMING position in competitions. *
I understand that members may participate in on campus and off campus extra-curricular activities (Stu Co, Key Club, Deca, FFA, Dance Company, jobs, etc.) as long as it does not interfere with my attendance to practices, games/performances, fundraisers, community events, camps and any other team event/activity from August through as late as May. *
I have read and understand the tryout and team requirements *
I have read and understand the Spiritline Contract *
My parents are aware of the financial commitment if I am selected for the team *
I am aware that the ultimate decision on the team placement is made by the head coach with full support from the CGUHS administration. All cuts and placements are final and are not open for discussion. Final selections will not be discussed with students or parents. Phone calls, emails, texts and/or letters regarding this topic will not be returned. *
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