Parents and Dys Troubles
The MOOC Dys project aims to develop an online learning training on learning disorders to equip teachers and parents with skills needed to facilitate school and daily lives of of the children with Dys troubles. Your feedback will help us develop a quality course that would match your training needs. The questionnaire won't take more than 10 minutes of your time.
Your answers are very important to us.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration!
Children with learning disabilities
Section 1 : The child - parent relationship
1. How old is your child? *
2. Do you think your child is experiencing any kind of learning difficulty? *
3. Identify 3 situations that you encounter with your child and you consider challenging
4. What kind of learning disorder is your child facing? (multiple answers allowed)
5. How much time do you dedicate to help your child with his/her schoolwork?
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Section 2 : Available information
6. Is there any support for students with learning disorders available in your local community?
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7. What kind of support is available for students with learning disorders (multiple answers allowed)
8. Are you satisfied with the information and support services available for students with learning disorders in your local community?
Very unsatisfied
Very satisfied
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Section 3 : At School
9. Are you satisfied with the communication between the school and the parents?
Very unsatisfied
Very satisfied
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10. Using a scale of 1 (not much) to 10 (very well), how do you evaluate your expertise in helping your child with his/her daily schoolwork?
Not much
Very well
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11. Does your child face such issues at school?
Almost never
From time to time
All the time
Exaggerated demands from teachers
Lack of teachers' training to work with pupils with learning disorders
Lack of teacher's interest to support pupils with
Low self esteem
Lack of support from the environment
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Section 4 : Your expectations towards the course
12. Have you ever participated to an online course? *
13. Are you interested in participating to an online course about learning disorders? *
14. What would your motivation be to participate in an online course about learning disorders? (Multiple answers allowed) *
15. How much time per week can you dedicate to your participation in the MOOC Dys online course? *
16. Which method of training do you think would be the most effective for you ? *
Not effective at all
Somewhat effective
Very effective
Video material
Additional reading material
Discussions with other participants
17. Is there any information or comment you would like to add?
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