Radio Issue/Paging Issue TICKET for Field Units
To better assist the agencies First Responders in the County, we want to have a better way to keep track and any issues you are having in the field. When you have a case, it is crucial to reach out and tell us each time. We were hoping you could use this Survey form to provide us with the data each time you have any issues. This will allow us to have a timestamp and timeline of each case that we can print off and provide to our radio vendor to see if we can pinpoint where we can go to develop a plan to assist with solving the issue. YOU MUST PROVIDE US WITH AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU SUBMIT A TICKET.
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Agency *
Communication/Paging/Both *
Call for Service Number (CFS) *
Describe your issue *
Equipment (if known) Please provide us the equipment being used that you noticed this issue on. (Examples, Min 6 Pager, Min 5 Pager, Motorola or Kenwood Portable or Mobile- the model if known. The more information, the better.
Location in which you noticed the issues. (Example- Paging- Provide the location of the pager and what was around it, Communication- Where you were when you had the issue-- again the more information, the better, if you provide an address or cross street we can plot it to our coverage maps)
What was the weather like during this issue? Also provide the time of day.
Have you ever experienced this issue in the same location before? If yes, have you reported it?
Who is providing the report and position in your agency. *
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