UUCL Spiritual Survey - March 2020
The Covid19 pandemic compels us to develop exceptional lifestyle and exceptional ways of connecting with others. We - UUCL's ministry team - welcome input from you, the congregation, about your hopes and needs for connections from the UUCL staff and lay leaders during this time when we cannot come together in person as a gathered religious community. Your completion of this survey will help us (program staff and lay leaders) assess spiritual and faith development offerings which would be of most benefit to you.

Please note that another survey on pastoral care and needs will be coming soon in another all-church communication. Meanwhile, community resources are being compiled here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ku2fRFkW7ImxEIy2ISEUln5oRA_8YppEjH6NivDjPW4/edit
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What kind of "worship"-style content would best support you? These would be led by members of the ministry team (Rev. Barbara, Lenore, Eli, Worship Associates...)
What times would be best for you to connect with UUCL?
What kind of other faith resources would best support you?
What will you miss most while UUCL is not gathering in person?
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How confident are you in using online gathering tools such as Zoom?
What is "Zoom," exactly?
I am a Zoom master--ask me anything!
Would you like someone to walk you through Zoom so that you can participate?
Would you like to help...
Please indicate if you would like a regular check-in (phone call, text, email...) from the Minister and Pastoral Associates to you. (Please note that a longer "pastoral resources and needs" survey will be sent out in coming days.)
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Is there anything you would like us to know?
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Do you participate in the children & youth faith development program?
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