LAAAC Membership Survey
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important survey.
We would like the opportunity to follow-up with you on the feedback you will provide for this survey, please provide your name and email address below if you would like to be contacted: (NOT REQUIRED)
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What do you perceive as the greatest value LAAAC provides?
What issues do you want LAAAC to advocate for (select up to 2)?
What value does LAAAC advocacy and education bring to your organization?
Please be as specific as possible when providing your answer.
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What financial commitment is your organization willing to make to be a member of this advocacy organization?
Currently, non-profits pay $250, for-profits $500, in annual dues.
What could LAAAC be doing better (select up to 2)?
For LAAAC to remain relevant and sustainable in the future, the organization will need to rely on member engagement in leadership and volunteer roles. To help meet the advocacy needs you have previously identified, on average, how much time per month can you contribute to the effort?
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