Academy Ambassador Application
For consideration of a one year free pass to the 6 week Social Media Marketing Made Simple Academy, please complete the following application.
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Ambassador Responsibilities
As an Ambassador for the Academy your responsibility will be to promote the academy at least once a month on at least one social media platform for your 12 month term. After 12 months you can reapply for the program. If selected you will be given a coupon code to give to your fans for $10 off the Academy. The Ambassador with the most codes used each quarter will receive an ambassador bonus.
This program is great for MLM directors, business coaches, and those with accounts that have a lot of businesses that follow them.
In return each Ambassador will get exclusive rights to the Academy for 12 months. No other stipend will be given.
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Questions? Please email me
Once you hit submit your application will be assessed and you will be contacted within 2 weeks if you are selected as an ambassador. Please submit an email address that you check regularly since the will be how you will be communicated with.
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