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We would like to find out about your experience of using our products and what benefits you have experienced. Your views are important to us and we would greatly appreciate your participation in this survey.

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Prior to using our Product, were you aware that CBD is permitted in sport?
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Our products may help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation often experienced by athletes competing in endurance sports and events. Did you experience such relief after using our products?
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If yes, are you able to provide more detail of your injuries and how the products helped in reducing pain and/or inflammation?
Stress situations like 'Race Day Nerves' can seriously affect an athletes performance. We are confident that our product helps people feel more calm and relaxed. Have you experienced the same?
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Did you know that our tincture may help to improve focus during training sessions? Have you experience the same?
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Our products can improve focus and enhance your feeling of wellbeing. How has it contributed to your wellness?
It normally takes between 1 - 6 hours for our tincture to start working depending on how you take it. Since your individual response would be unique, how long did it take for our tincture to show its therapeutic benefits on you?
While use of CBD is believed to have many benefits, including reducing inflammation, pain relief, improving sleep quality etc.; have you experienced any additional benefits after using our products that you would like to share with us?
In what form would you prefer using CBD products?
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Have you experienced any of the below after using our products?
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On a scale of 1- 5 how much would you rate our product?
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extremely good
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Please provide feedback on the products as a whole and how they have helped you. In particular, what would you say to people who are new to CBD and considering using CBD products?
Thank you!
Your assistance in providing this information is very much appreciated. We hope you have enjoyed your TRI ISO products. If there is anything additional you would like to share with us, please contact us at
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