Application for Online Course in Community and Citizen Media/ تقديم طلب لدورة المواطن الصحفي
الرجاء الإجابة على جميع الأسئلة أدناه. تقديم الطلبات ستكون تنافسية، كلما فصلت بإجاباتك كلما زادت فرصة اختيارك. يمكنك أن تقرأ عن تفاصيل التدريب هنا {رابط التدوينة}

Please answer all the questions below. This is a competitive application. The more detailed your answers are, the better your chance of being selected. You can read about the training here: (blogpost link:

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Prepare a short biography video (about 1 min. max.), addressing the following: Describe your history as a journalist. Why do you practice journalism? What are your goals as a journalist? *
Use your computer camera or ask a friend to help. Upload your video to any video platform and paste the link below. TIP: Write your script first!
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Please share the three (3) social media links that best represent you online. One link per line, please.
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Will you be able to commit 5-7 hours a week for the course and coaching phases? *
This is an intensive course that requires significant time online doing research, interacting with your peers, and producing media.
How did you find out about the online training? Add options: SMEX online presence, UNESCO online presence, friends shared it online, other *
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If accepted, what is your preferred medium for producing the weekly assignments? *
You will be asked to focus on one medium to produce your assignments. This will help you develop a mastery of the medium and a coherent portfolio of work. You can change your medium at the beginning of the course.
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