NAFEA Professional Development Check in for You!
The Professional Development Program provides funding for NAFEA members to undertake professional development to enhance their skills, professional and vocational knowledge on a personal level.
Due to a limited take up of this program in it's current form, it's now time to review what our Professional Development Program can offer and what will meet our members needs. I need your help to assist NAFEA to provide you with quality professional development opportunities. This short survey may only take a few minutes of your time but your reponses can make a huge difference.
Wendy Harris
Professional Development Manager
The National Association of Field Experience Administrators Inc. (NAFEA)
The Demographics
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Your employment as a 'Field Experience Administrator' is *
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What I do for professional development
In the last 12 months opportunities I have taken advantage of in my workplace include (select all that apply): *
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What prevents me from developing my field experience administrator role is: (please select the main reason). *
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What I would like to do for professional development
What interests me the most about developing my field experience administrator role is: (please comment). *
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If there was an opportunity I would like the following topics or issues to be discussed or expanded on *
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I already have sufficient knowledge and experience on this topic
Student health and wellbeing
Staff health and wellbeing
Student mental health and wellbeing
Staff mental health and wellbeing
Preparing Students for Placement
Setting up collaborative placement networks
Understanding student placement systems eg: ClinConnect, Placeright, SPOT
Understanding student placement requirements e.g: vaccinations
Applying for Research Project Grants
Setting up a Research Project
Presenting papers at conferences and workshops.
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Certification
Understanding legal requirements, agreements and risk assessments
I would undertake future professional development delivery if they are (select all that apply): *
If I have the opportunity to undertake professional development I would prefer the sessions to be: (please select the main preference). *
I would undertake future professional development delivery (select all that apply): *
Please comment if "Other" or if there is a calendar period when you are generally unable to undertake professional development.
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Thank you for your valuable feedback. Do you have any further comments or feedback on how we could make your Professional Development Program "Great Again"?
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