Parent Input for IEP
As I begin to plan for your child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) I seek input from parents and classroom teachers. The information you provide is very valuable and will become part of the confidential IEP profile page. Below are some questions to consider that will help teachers understand your child.
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What do you feel are the strengths of your child? (Please check all that may apply.)
What subject(s) are strengths for your child?
What subject(s) are challenging for your child?
What do you feel are your child's weaknesses/concerns (i.e. areas that may be frustrating or that you feel your child has a particular need to improve)?
How do you think your child learns best (What kind of situation makes learning easiest?)
List any particular concerns about your child's school program this year.
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Any concerns you would like me to be prepared to discuss at the IEP meeting?
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Are there any medications your child takes on a regular basis?
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Does your child have a driver's permit?
If your child does not have a driver's permit does he/she plan to get one?
What is your child planning to do after high school?
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What is your preferred method of communication from the school?
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