Pathway to Employment Survey
How long have you been injured? *
Were you working before your injury *
Since your injury have you attempted to go back to work? *
If yes, what barriers have you experienced? *
What is your current means of income?
What is your current health insurance?
Have you considered going back to school? *
How long after your injury did you think about going back to work? *
Have you considered going back to work since your injury? *
What are some of your major concerns about returning to work?
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What can make the process of returning to work easier?
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Would you be more likely to return to work if you had a peer mentor? *
If yes how do you think you would benefit from a peer mentor?
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Would you consider going back to work if you had a packet of information explaining some of the process? *
Have you considered vocational rehabilitation? *
If yes, what was your experience with vocational rehabilitation?
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Do you have a resume? *
If no, would you be interested resume writing help?
Would you be interested in a class or webinar on interview techniques? *
Are you willing to do volunteer work? *
Do you know about reasonable accommodations? *
Are you a member of United Spinal Association? *
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