Quad Spring 2019 Application: Venetucci Farm
This is an opportunity to make real impact.

The Problem
Venetucci Farm has an important legacy in our community. As so, in consideration of the PFC-contamination of the Widefield Aquifer, the Pikes Peak Community Foundation (PPCF) commissioned this study of viable uses of the Venetucci Farm property. Since the land can no longer produce edible crops or sell water rights, PPCF must find other ways of generating revenue for the land.

The Project
You will assess the many models and ideas proposed for the Farm in terms of operational feasibility, financial sustainability and community impact in order to develop recommendations on the best uses for the Farm. PPCF intends to use this work to inform the search for and eventual identification of a viable operator for the Farm. This project has three phases. Phase 1 was completed in the summer of 2018. Phase 2 was completed in December of 2018. This is Phase 3, the final phase. This phase will build on the work of previous teams to prove an operating model that will preserve the farm’s impact for generations to come.

The Team
Teams are comprised of 4-5 students or recent grads from our 4 partner schools. We are looking for students and recent graduates from CC, UCCS, PPCC and the U.S. Air Force who have experience or interest in one or more of:
• Critical thinking and analysis
• Applied problem solving; creative problem solving
• Business; economics; entrepreneurship; business building experience
• Finance; financial forecasting
• Public relations; communications; public speaking
• Environmental science
• Graphic Design

Eligibility/Minimum Qualifications
This opportunity is open to all current students and graduates within 3 years of graduation from CC, UCCS, PPCC, and the US Air Force Academy (with approval), regardless of major or academic track. Admissions decisions will be made on the basis of demonstrated attitude, aptitude, and overall project fit. Although many aspects of the project pertain to business and entrepreneurship, the Quad actively encourages students who focus in the arts and humanities to apply considering their demonstrated proficiency in applied critical thinking, creative problem solving. In general, strong applicants:
• Are in good academic standing
• Demonstrate their ability to think creatively, critically, and respond positively to feedback
• Can work productively on teams and achieve results in a fast paced environment
• Possess a growth mindset (see problems as opportunities)
• Demonstrate their ability to work inclusively across demographic lines
• Show strong relevant experience or interest

Faculty Advisor: Professor Mike Fowler from the United States Air Force Academy
Each of our projects has a faculty advisor to provide mentorship to the teams.

Benefits to You:
This is an opportunity to develop in-demand skills; expand your networks; gain experience and proficiency related to applied innovation and entrepreneurialism; build market-relevant experience; and secure connections to meaningful professional opportunities in the Pikes Peak region. It's also an opportunity to go several steps beyond theoretical, conceptual classroom work to develop and deliver a validated, working, tactically valuable prototype to our municipal governments and improve social services delivery across the region.

This opportunity is offered with a stipend of $1200 and will start on February 11th and end May 10th. The workload is 10 hours per week for 10 weeks. Please note as you apply that we expect the full 10 hours of work each week.

Are you ready to make an impact? Applications due January 30th.

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