Requesting Input for Mobility Issues & Neighborhood Planning for Milwood & Walnut Crossing Neighborhoods
Milwood NA & Walnut NA has formed a committee, Mobility and Neighborhood Planning, that has started to create a comprehensive list of Mobility Issues and Neighborhood Planning Concerns in and around our neighborhood. We are circulating this list so residents can review it and make any suggested additions before we put it out to a membership vote that will proceed to prioritize the list. Thanks for your time. If you have any questions, email them to or call 512-636-9176.
Transportation & Connectivity
1. Bus Route being discontinued, Route 142. Cap Metro wants to replace with a Rideshare option where they would subsidize a trip to a specific set of transit drop points.

2. Waters Park Improvements needed:
• Waters Park Road Improvements, especially new median added in front of The Hideout too far into roadway.
• Better illumination
• Parking issue along Waters Park by the Hideout due to hazards from vehicles partially blocking road
• Pedestrian safety an issue

3. Adelphi Improvements needed:
• Sidewalk/Improved Adelphi Ln from Amherst to Baseball Fields (Walnut Crossing has been lobbying for YEARS for sidewalks on Adelphi east of Amherst. The Waters Park/Jefferson Apartments skirted their responsibilities to provide these sidewalks by having initial entrances only on Parmer, but they subsequently added entrances on Adelphi, which is also where the school bus stops, and also a route to the kid’s baseball fields, and yet has no sidewalks on either side.)

3. Parmer Improvements needed:
• Fill sidewalk gaps along South side of Parmer from Ganymede to Amherst at the moment the sidewalk abruptly ends at first parking lot entrance.
• Successfully connect Northwood Neighborhood to Amherst by filling sidewalk gaps at the moment the crosswalk at Silver Creek and Parmer abruptly ends at south side of the intersection.
• Turning Lane onto Adelphi from Parmer Heading East
• Turning Lane onto Ganymede from Parmer Heading East
• Turning Lane onto Europa from Parmer Heading East

4. Mopac Frontage Improvements needed:
• Extend Lane on Mopac Feeder after Weirdo’s so those turning onto ONeal don’t have to merge. The high speed lane merging at the ONeal intersection makes this intersection particularly dangerous.

5. Balcones Park Connectivity Improvements:
• Sidewalk into Balcones Park
• Lighted Crosswalk at Amherst and Park Entrance at Eton Ln

6. Connectivity to Domain/Shopping:
• Improve the underpass trail from Milwood/Walnut Crossing to the Domain, currently unpaved, unmaintained and unlit in some places
• Pedestrian and Bike connectivity across Mopac to the Domain and other shopping areas improved and strengthened

7. Extend Left Turn Lane on Amherst at Duval Intersection
• This has been discussed and analyzed and the need has been approved however the city has stated that they can’t paint over the current markings so will have to wait until the road is resurfaced.

8. Traffic Calming on Cut Through Streets to include the following streets:
• Eton, Cumbria, Hawkshead, Aspendale <please respond with any additional streets that are used as cut throughs>

9. Safety concerns for Aspendale/Duval intersection

10. Better Access into library, most don’t go to the corner but instead cut down into the parking lot entrance

11. Light at Mesa Verde Apts on Duval across from Time Warner Cable

12. Striped Crosswalk on Amherst at Cassady to help with school traffic

13. Create a bike/ped trail along a portion of Yett Creek

14. The use of Amherst as a cut through street for Parmer to Mopac has been a constant struggle for the neighborhoods, especially considering the street has a public school, a park and a library on it. Any zoning, traffic and land use plans should and must include features to mitigate or hopefully reduce traffic on Amherst between Parmer and Duval.

15. Dorsett Road Improvements:
• Dorsett Right-Of-Way near RR tracks over grown and needs maintenance. This area attracts illegal dumping due to lack of maintenance.
• Drainage changes at back side of Dorsett due to undersized culvert between Duval & Dorsett, also widening & adding a bike connection
• A bicycle/pedestrian connection is needed to Yett Creek Park from Milwood. There is an opportunity to add a connection with planned flood improvements where a creek passes under the railroad and Dorsett Road ( WHISPERING VALLEY AND WEST COW PATH FLOOD RISK REDUCTION see A pedestrian/bike tunnel or overhead bridge closer to the park is preferred.
• Speed limit needs to be lowered at Curve at Dorsett
• Clean up the sidewalk that borders the empty lot at the Dorsett Curve. The sidewalk over the creek is overgrown and the railroad company has damaged the curb, left huge rocks and dirt piles blocking the trail along the creek.

16. Train Tracks and Connectivity:
• Bridging the tracks at Duval. The current 3 lane road is extremely difficult to turn on & off of and once a train comes through it backs up for a long time. This is the ONLY road that crosses the tracks at grade.
• The train tracks that cut the McNeil planning area in half are an issue. Better connectivity across the tracks, noise mitigation. Improved upkeep of the landscape would help. On a related note, we have been waiting for years for silent crossings for the trains, which continue to blare horns at all hours.

17. 183/Research Concerns: Just like Mopac to our east, 183 is a poorly thought out barrier on the area's western side. It provides haphazard and dangerous pedestrian or cycling access to businesses, which invariably face the 60mph frontage with no thought to residents in their backyard and limited dangerous crossing opportunities for non-motorized citizens. Despite the misleading info on the "Transit Access" map, there are no bike lanes and scattered, unconnected bits of sidewalk. It is difficult to see what "Bike Facilities" the map believes exist. We would ask that zoning and planning for the 183 corridor recognize and emphasize the residential areas to an equal degree as the highway and provide landscaping, access and benefit on a "360 degree" basis that is harmonious with local neighborhoods, and a development code that provides some uniformity.

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