Dress & Dwell In-Store Secret Shopper
Thank you for participating in our store secret shopper program. Please fill out the information below based on your experience.
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How many people were on the sales floor?
Was the store busy?
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Did the associate greet you quickly upon entering?
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Did the associate walk over and engage with you? Did they ask what you were shopping for?
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Did the associate help with your shopping experience? (Ask if you were finding everything ok? Offer to help you find specific options?)
Did the associate offer you a fitting room while you were continuing to look? (Did they check back in with you in your fitting room? Did they offer to get you other sizes or styles?)
How was your checkout experience? ( Did the associate engage with you? Were they friendly? Did they offer to gift wrap anything for you?)
If you tried on shoes, did the associate offer you a seat and open the box for you?
Was the overall appearance of the store clean and orderly?
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How was your overall shopping experience? (Was the staff friendly and helpful? Did you have a fun shopping experience?)
Would you recommend our store to your friends?
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