The Secret Sunrise Family Questionnaire
You are interested in joining the Secret Sunrise family.
We would just like to get to know you a little better before we take our shining relationship to the next step.
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9) What brought you to the point where you felt that you wanted to start your own Secret Sunrise? *
10) How would you describe yourself in no more than 20 words? *
11) What is your current life situation? *
12) Do you currently work? If so how many hours per week? *
If yes to the above, what is your occupation?
13) In no more that 50 words, motivate why you think Secret Sunrise would work in your city? *
14) In 100 words, motivate why you think you would be a great fit for starting Secret Sunrise in your city? *
15) Do you have any previous experience in putting on events? (If yes, please elaborate) *
16) Do you have experience in running a business? (If yes, please give detail) *
17) Do you have any trouble in public speaking? *
18) Do you have any experience on running financials or financial know-how? *
19) Have you run a social platform or a social media community before? *
21) Do you have previous experience in conducting or teaching any type of class before? If yes please stipulate. *
22) Do you have any experience in Meditation, Yoga or Dance? If yes please give an example. *
23) Are you a morning person? Or a late night person? *
20) What are your hobbies in your spare time? *
24) Tell us - Why do you like dancing? *
25) What is your favourite dance move? *
26) What do you expect to get out of Secret Sunrise? *
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