Convert Care in the UK
CMF is a new and innovate initiative established for the purpose of escalating UK convert care based on the significant growth and development of this community over the past 20 years. It is organised and run by experienced converts to Islam working in the field of convert care and its sustained and successful delivery for over two decades.
charity no: 1187573

This survey will allow the Convert Muslim Foundation to provide an overview of convert care available within the UK. Please provide as much detail as possible to enable us to gain a good understanding of the support your organisation provides.
Jazak Allah Khair.

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Are you affiliated with any organisation? If Yes - Please provide details and indicate whether this is local; national and/or International
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Does your facility offer access for women to pray and meet, and have a space allocated for this purpose? *
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Do you refer converts to other care providers when / if you cannot provide for their needs? If Yes, please provide details *
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