The Garden Project Member Application: CORE/INNER/SHIFTMEALS/STORAGE Scopes
The Garden Project is a place where we come together in reverent cultivation of growth. We hold equitable food justice as central to resilience, and seek to resource communities through collective sharing of food and skills. As bodies touching ground, relationship is central to all that we do. We practice deep listening - to the land, to the plants, to the ancestral knowing we move with, to our embodied awareness, and to one another in remembered cycles of connection, creation, and harvest. As we grow together we practice learning, unlearning, reckoning, and repair. We strive to nurture sovereign and reciprocal systems of nourishment in right relationship to the Land and to the Land’s rightful inhabitants, the Abenaki People. From the individual to the collective, the Garden is a place where we ground to plant and tend the seeds of our resilience.

Find out more about collectively who we are through our positionality statement:

We offer food, connection and skill building to people interested in growing resilience and supporting equitable food justice through a community garden project centered in practicing relationship to all life.

The Garden Project sees the growing of food/tending of plants as the intersection of food justice, community resilience, personal education, somatic practice, and connection to others, ancestors, and non-human alive.

VALUES: (find our definitions and more details on our website)
Equitably Inclusive
Justice Work - Food, Environmental, Social, Bodily
Practicing Community
Everything is Alive! Everything is Connected!
Active Practice of Learning
Deep/Somatic/Embodied Listening and Awareness
Centering Ancestors: Our own, Those of the Land we tend, and our Other-Than-Human Ancestors
Healthy Accountability and Commitments to Responsibilities
Emergent Education

Formalized in 2019, the Garden Project, currently run by three core members and supported by 5-8 committed volunteer members, has provided hands in the ground experiential education, community celebrations of cycles of season, and nutritious food and plant medicine to an evolving community of 50 plus individuals through our community work days. We tend a ½ acre parcel of land, growing a diversity of annual and perennial vegetables, and medicinal herbs. We see ourselves as expanding the traditional community garden model to create a hybrid model of scopes of engagement, collaborative leadership, community education and food resource for our members and for the greater public. We offer various tiers of involvement to meet differing accessibility needs and host free monthly public community access work days for folks to learn skills, grow community and receive food.

NEW for 2021- The Garden Project is collaborating with Shift Meals to be one of their Community Grow Teams. Shift Meals is a program developed in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic to support people in the service industry who are out of work or food insecure, to increase food security through skill development and production of food in the garden. If you feel like this describes you, please click the Shift Meals Inner Scope box in the application below and fill out the additional questions for Inner Scope members. Read more about Shift Meals here:

** Please read through this doc BEFORE FILLING OUT THE APPLICATION to learn about the different membership levels (scopes) available within The Garden Project: **

We are currently looking for more committed members in the following scopes for the 2021 season:
Shift Meals* Inner Scope and Outer Scope/Community Work Days.

If you are interested in connecting with us at the Outer Scope level, or joining us for Community Work Days, please use this application:

Our Winter Storage Scope and Inner Scope (Non-Shift Meals*) are currently full for the 2021 season. If you would like to join us in either of these scopes for the 2022 season, or be informed if we have an opening for the 2021 season, please check those boxes and we will reach out accordingly.

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Email *
Name, pronouns *
ex. Marcus, he/him, or Betsy, they/them
How did you hear about the project? What interests you about it? *
What is your experience and comfort level with gardening/growing food? *
What scope(s) are you interested in participating in? *
Role descriptions are here: You are welcome to sign up for a scope that is full, or more than one scope, and we will place your name on a waitlist for that scope.
For ShiftMeals Applicants:
Please click every box that applies to you. You can apply regardless of how many of the boxes below describe your experience.
Do you have any accessibility needs that would be helpful to share with us?
All garden beds are approximately 2-3 ft wide, in ground (not structurally raised), with approximately 1-2 ft walkways, except a few larger access paths that are about 3 ft wide. Ground is uneven in many places. Parking area is on a mowed grassy area, also uneven. Garden is on private land, 3.7 miles outside of Montpelier, not accessible by public transportation, and up a large hill. Toilet system will be outdoors.
Our stated Values: * Equitably Inclusive *Justice Oriented * Everything is Alive! Everything is Connected! * Practicing Community * Centering ancestors (our own, those of the land we tend, and our other-than-human ancestors) * Deep/somatic/embodied listening and awareness * Emergent Education * Active Practice of Learning * Healthy accountability to commitments and responsibilities. *
Read more about how we define these here: Are you able to agree and uphold these values?
In holding the intention that this work is part of our personal and collective ancestral reconnection work (whatever our lineage may be), as well as unspelling white body supremacy within each of us, we'd love to know your roots? What is your ancestral lineage? Where are your people from? Do you know any foods your people loved to grow?
* We believe all bodies are impacted by white body supremacy, though the impacts are different and disproportionate depending on identity and positionality. * We acknowledge the inherent privilege in having/getting access to one's ancestry, and invite those who do have that privilege to begin that learning journey.
After having read the Agreements and Commitments sections of the roles document above, can you commit to the Agreements, Accountabilities and Commitments as detailed in the scope you wish to join? *
Any questions, comments or concerns about the Agreements and Commitments?
What are your main interests/goals in participating in the garden project? What benefits do you hope to recieve?
Members have consistently shared that community connection is supportive and nourishing for their times in the garden, as well as it helping distribute/delegate tasks to make sure all gets tended. What are some options for your weekly time in the garden? Knowing this, we can start to form garden teams/buddies. *
What are some options for you to be your “garden shift”?
Not available
Morning (between 7am-12pm)
Late morning (between 10am-2pm
Afternoon (between 12-4pm)
Late Afternoon/Early evening (between 2-6pm)
Evening (5pm-9pm)
Emergency Contact: Name and Phone Number *
For Inner Scope, Storage Scope & ShiftMeals Applicants: What roles are you interested in holding?
For CORE Scope: What roles are interested in holding?
Our growing season runs from May 15th to November 1st. The commitment for Shift Meals members is officially from May 15th-Oct 1, with the hope that you will be able to continue to your commitment at this project site until November 1st.
For all Member Applicants: Do you have anticipated leaves of absence from May 15 -November 2, 2020? If so, when?
For Shift Meals Applicants: What is the time commitment you are able to make to this site?
Clear selection
What is your communication style? Do you have any specific practices/needs around interpersonal or groups communications? Do you have any needs around receiving feedback?
We realize we have all been cultured in particular ways/modes of communication, some of which are supportive and some of which may not be. We strive to communicate in direct, compassionate ways, that center curiosity and make space for repair. Knowing preferred communication practices/tendencies can potentially open space for more generative and consentful shared communication practices, between individuals and the whole group.
How self-motivated are you? Are you skilled at taking on projects and asking for support when needed?
Currently, we use Trello as an online platform for all on-the-ground communications, projects and task delegation, and we have a group message thread through the app “Signal” for group messaging/communcations. What is your capacity to integrate new on-line platforms as part of garden communications?
You can find out more about Trello here: (Usable by smartphone and/or computer) ---------FYI: Our Signal thread gets a lot of action during the season. (Usable by smartphone and/or computer)
Clear selection
In order to grow the plants that we/members truly want, please fill out this “plant survey” to help with the planning. Thank you!:
After going through the applications, we may need to reach out for a phone interview. Are there some general times that could work for you? What is your phone number?
Anything else we should know? (This is also space to elaborate or clarify any of the above questions)
Thanks for sharing your desire to join the project. We aim to get back to you within 2 weeks to confirm acceptance and solidify plans.
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