Support of the Freedom to Vote and Inclusive Democracy

Colorado has a long history of supporting and expanding the freedom to vote. This commitment to democracy has been a pillar of strength for our community and it has helped create the great state we live in today. Our vibrant civic engagement draws a diverse collection of people here from around the country seeking a state that listens to its community and strives to be a better place for all.

Disappointingly, bigoted and anti-democratic movements have used conspiracy theories, lies, threats of physical violence, and anti-voter bills and policies to attack and undermine our democratic institutions. We stand in firm opposition to those threats, and by coming together to denounce political violence, attacks on access to our democracy, and threats of violence, we know we can effectively counter bigoted and anti-democratic activity and recommit ourselves to building an even more inclusive democracy that reflects our shared values.

Across Colorado today, our state is coming together to recover from the deadly pandemic that has already taken too many lives. But our recovery won’t be complete if we don’t also address the rise in hate violence and assaults on democracy that our state and nation have seen.

As we emerge from this pandemic, we must speak loudly in condemnation of bigotry and recommit to safeguarding our democracy.

Over the years, Colorado has been a leader in promoting an inclusive democracy. While many around the country attacked the freedom to vote, leaders in Colorado expanded access to the ballot and our families, our communities and our state are stronger for it.  

We are strong together because our pro-democracy coalition is diverse in every way. We do not agree on every policy, but we all believe that access to our democracy makes our state and community better. We believe that we all must work together to protect democracy to maintain the stability and inclusion that lead to prosperity for all Coloradans.
At the same time, we believe unequivocally that violence and bigotry are never the way to resolve our differences. The recent rise in political violence poses a dangerous threat to our public safety and a healthy democratic practice. Every Coloradan deserves to be able to participate in our democracy and civic discourse without fear, intimidation, or unnecessary barriers. Elected officials who explicitly or subtly encourage this political violence should be held accountable. Anyone indulging conspiracy theories or engaging with movements that exploit bigotry is complicit.
All of us play an essential role in promoting democracy and ending the political deceit and violence that has caused so much damage to our community, our state, and our country. We believe that Colorado has been a leader and a model for what a strong inclusive democracy can and should look like — and we realize that democracy needs ongoing investment and support. As such, we pledge to:
- Be guided by our shared values of equity, inclusion and multiracial democracy and our belief that every Coloradan should live free from bigotry and fear.

- Commit to strengthen our democracy and make it more inclusive and equitable.

- Commit to resolving disputes nonviolently, actively denounce acts or threats of violence, and avoid the use of language, symbols, memes, or gestures associated with the promotion of bigotry.

- Commit to, in our own civic engagement, being respectful of the legislative and democratic process, including refraining from behaviors that have an intimidating effect, or that constitute harassment.

- Actively denounce any appeal in our political discourse to exploit bigotry and intolerance.

- Never forget that Colorado’s best days are ahead of us and that we all have a responsibility to build a more just future.

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