Hack Your Brain to Follow Your Passion - Workshop
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Workshop: Hack Your Brain to Follow Your Passion

- Are you someone who has a big vision about your life but don’t really know where to start?
- Would you like to create an impact but don’t have resources that would support you?
- Have you ever wondered why some people are living their lives in happiness, fulfillment and success, while the others are regretting and wondering why things are not happening for them?
- Are you confused about what should be the next steps in your life and career path?

This Workshop is designed for you if:

- You would like to make your career/life more meaningful, fulfilling and passion driven
- You would like to proactively be in charge of your career and life throughout different circumstances and not be dependent on the employer, tests or external situations
- You have recently started your professional career or founded a startup and would like to be more competitive
- You would like to make a change in your career or in life

After this workshop you will:

- Have tools to help you get to know yourself better, find your strengths and explore your passion
- Ask the right questions about your interests, goals, career and life
- Know how to manage your own career and life in a fulfilling way
- Engage in developing habits for a happy and fulfilling life

Limited spots: max 20 people

Methodology: It is a workshop (not a lecture), full of exercises, testing tools, speaking out, expressing yourself. We want you to find your own individual answers for your questions.

What could possibly be the reason for the youngest country in the world to not fully utilize its greatest resource - the human potential of its people?

After speaking to thousands of young people from diverse groups and backgrounds, we believe that we have reached a point in our development where the new generation is demanding a dynamic education, corporate and social system that allows them to do what they love. There is a need to create a transformational culture that allows people to reach their fullest potential.

We, as catalysts, want to support you in your quest for self-awareness and excellence. We think the best way to begin this revolution is through experiential events.

To find out more about us follow the #DoWhatYouLove Movement on website and our social media pages:


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