Submission form for the Emma Press call for poetry proposals
This is the submissions form for the 2019 Emma Press call for poetry pamphlets and children's poetry collections. Before submitting, please make sure you've read all the guidelines here:

This form will automatically enter all your information into a spreadsheet, which I (Emma) will use to manage the submissions. By filling in this form, you are helping me out and also ensuring that your submission can't get missed – thank you!

The first thing you have to fill in is your email address. Please make sure this is a current one that you expect to still be using and checking regularly even next summer, as this is the email I will be using to try and contact you. Sometimes people use university emails, or emails they don't check and just use for online forms, and this leads to confusion when people are wondering where their response has got to. Also double-check that you've typed it correctly, especially if it involves repeated letters (as sometimes happens when I'm typing theemmapress). Ok, go!
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Notes on your name
For example, if you're using a nom de plume. This is not a compulsory question – I just find that some people want to tell me something about their name.
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e.g. West Midlands, UK, or Minnesota, USA. Just so I have an idea of where my call for submissions is reaching.
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