10 Days of Prayer - Boston, MA
10 Days is a prayer meeting for your whole city. The goal is for a season where Jesus Christ is the focus of every heart in your city for 10 entire days!

It’s a call to take a break from what’s normal on earth so we can enter into what’s normal in heaven. Revelation chapters 4-5 describe the kind of worship that’s normal in heaven. 10 Days is a call to take vacation time, fast from ordinary life and daily distractions in order to see what’s normal in heaven happen in your city.

240 hours
Our goal is simple: to build Jesus a home of unceasing worship in Boston and to intercede for our city. Could it be that through these 10 days the church can come together and experience the unity of John 17:20?!

We are calling musicians, worshippers, and prayer leaders to come help fill out 2-hour worship & prayer sets starting September 29th.

We are calling all Believers in our city to lay aside any time they can spare during these 10 days and join us in worship, prayer and fasting - giving Jesus the worth He deserves and seeking His face on behalf of Boston.

Where: Congregation Lion Of Judah.
Address: 20 Reed St, Boston, MA 02118

When: September 29th - October 9th
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