Korean Language Registration Form for the New Students in 2018 Spring Semester
This form is for new students who would like to study Korean language in an elementary level at Tallinn King Sejong Institute (TKSI). We accept applications from 2nd January 2018 until 2nd February 2018.
Register on TÕIS system at Open Studies Center of TTÜ. In order to participate in the language course, you have to pay the tuition fee (90€) at financial office of TTÜ.
If you have studied Korean before, the replacement test will take place on 8th February 2018.
Lectures are commenced on 13th February.
All continuing TKSI students can register through TÕIS system.

Tallinn King Sejong Institute student's regulations 01.09. 2017

1. Qualification of prospective applicants <지원 조건>
①All Tallinn-based high-school students and all adult people residing in Estonia are eligible to apply for studying at Tallinn KSI.
②For every course starting from ‘Elementary 2’, only those who successfully completed the previous level of study are fully eligible to apply for studying on a higher level. On request, an applicant who never completed the previous level of study must take a placement test to determine his/her level of knowledge of Korean language and, ultimately, to make a decision on admission.

2. Tuition fees, Textbook, Workbook <수강료 및 교재>
①Tuition is 90 EURs (15 EURs per one credit, 6 credits per semester) per one academic semester for 16 weeks. Textbook price is included in Tuition, and all educational materials including Workbook are free of charge to all students who already registered on TÕIS system and who paid tuition.
②Students enrolled in undergraduate, master's, doctoral course at Tallinn University of Technology as of Spring semester 2018 be exempted from tuition.
③Tuition Refund Policy allows tuition fees to be refunded before the start of the new semester according to the TTÜ regulation.

3. Scholarship <장학금>
Based on the following criteria (Final grades, attendance rate, volunteer works, participation on cultural events, active participation in the class, etc.), five students will get scholarship for the next semester. Tuition fee for the next semester will be exempted.

4. Completion certificate of Tallinn KSI & University credits. <수료 조건>
①The completion certificate of Tallinn KSI will be awarded to students who are in 80% of attendance rate or more, and in 60% of final exam score or more.
②University credits would be granted to all the holders of completion certification.

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Have you learned Korean before?
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Have you read and do you agree with Tallinn King Sejong Institute's regulations?
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