Ask a Transguy Anything - Anonymously
Guess what y'all!

Next week is #TransVisibilityWeek, capped off Saturday with #TransDayOfVisibility. I have a bit of a tradition for #TDOV where I, more openly, advertise that I'm willing to answer everyone's questions about me, my transition and pretty much whatever. I'm always willing to do this, but I make more of a point to put it out there this week.

To me, being visible means making the path a little smoother for the folks that come after me through education of the people around me.

While you're welcome to ask me questions however you feel most comfortable - I've set up this anonymous Google form if you want it to be anonymous.

I'll be posting the questions (and answers) as I have time this week through Instagram posts and on Facebook. Feel free to share this post or link however you feel is appropriate. If you're not following me on either - please let me know in your question the best way to let you know my answer!

Fire Away:
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