2018 Chester County Single Mothers' Conference: VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION
We are looking forward to having you on board as a volunteer and would like get some more information to make this event a success! Please help us by providing your volunteer information below. This year's theme is: "Single Doesn't Mean Alone." DEADLINE FOR VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION IS MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2018.
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Below are descriptions for each volunteer position. After all of the position descriptions, there is a menu for you to check off your preferences. Please check off which position you are interested in volunteering and the shift/s you would like to sign up for. If you would like to volunteer as a childcare provider, you must have a current and valid Pa Child Abuse Clearance. Please submit to volunteersmc1@gmail.com. NOTE: We will try to honor your preferences but we may need to assign you as conference schedule and attendance demands.
Check-In for Volunteers, Presenters, and Exhibitors:
Greets and logs in guests, provides name tags, information and direction. Refers presenters to Workshop Liaisons.
Registration Staff:
Serves as first point of contact for attendees. Verifies attendees’ registrations and instructs them to complete all associated releases. Maintains a spreadsheet for each age group with children’s names, mom’s name and cell phone number, special notes, and a check list that all releases have been obtained. Provides program booklet and souvenirs to all attendees. Directs workshop presenters, volunteers, and resource exhibitors to their designated check-in tables.
Workshop Liaison:
Meets afternoon workshop speakers at the door. Verifies location of workshop and escorts speakers to their classrooms. Ensures that speaker has all audio-visual connections and projections as appropriate. Stays at the workshop, then escorts speaker back to registration after workshop is complete. Returns to the classroom and returns furniture and a/v equipment to the configuration found at the beginning of the session.
Child Care Provider:
Supervises age-appropriate activities for children while mothers are at the conference. Receives and organizes clothing/diapers/special snacks from moms as appropriate and inspects to make sure all pieces have child’s name on them. Reminds mom that we are not responsible for lost items at the end of the day.

Observes and monitors children's play activities. Ensures that children are safe and nurtured, that no child poses a danger to others, and that children are released to their mothers/guardians at pick-up times. Reads to children, and engages them in simple painting, drawing, handicrafts, games, and songs. When caring for infants, child care providers may need to prepare formulas and change diapers while practicing principles of hygiene.

Audio-Visual Staff:
Serves as at-large tech support for workshop classrooms and resource fair, and cafeteria announcements during lunch.
Serves continental breakfast or lunch at the direction of Hospitality co-chairs. Responsible for set-up, clean-up, and replenishing supplies as needed.
Prize Committee:
Organize, wrap, and display door prizes. Post winners’ names and monitor claims at the end of the conference.
General Support:
Set up tables, assure correct placement of signage, direct attendees to proper destinations, notify chairpersons of any equipment or cleanup needs, security or safety concerns.
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Availability: What time are you available to volunteer? (please check all that apply) - Lunch will be provided *
Please let us know if you have any physical or dietary needs that we should be aware of.
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Thank you for your time! If you have any questions please contact us at 484-876-1582 or email us at volunteersmc1@gmail.com
*Must have valid PA Child Abuse and Criminal Background Clearance. This is free for volunteers. Please contact us at volunteersmc1@gmail.com for the electronic link.

This event is brought to you by the Chester County Community Collaborative in partnership with the Chester County Women’s Commission.

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